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Welcome to my tackle page. I think its interesting to see what everyone is using and here are some of the plugs that I use on a regular basis. I'll be adding more plugs as I get time.

Here's the NUMBER ONE casting plug of all time. Storm quit making it, but now they've come back out with it!. This is the jointed, topwater Thunderstick. The only 2 colors I recommend are the Blue/Chrome and Black/Chrome. You can probably tell by the scars on the plugs how this plug catches fish. These 2 Thundersticks have probably caught over 200 stripers each before their retirement. Need Thundersticks? Check out:


When early spring hits and when we're fishing early morning or late evening throughout the night, I'll have these 2 plugs handy along with the Thundersticks. The first is the Rebel Jointed Minnow. This plug runs about 6 -10 inches under the surface and is a necessity if the stripers ain't busting. If the stripers are not busting the surface, they will not hit a surface plug and the Jointed Minnow is the ticket. The Cotton Cordell Topwater Jointed Redfin has been a great plug but doesn't compare to the Thunderstick. I still use it just to be true with Cotton Cordell.

Rebel Jointed Minnow and Cotton Cordell Red Fin

This is the Rapala X-Rap. Its deadly in the spring and late summer. In the spring throw it around rip-rapped banks for stripers and smallmouth. When these first came out, my brother was fishing with me and on his first cast with the X-Rap he nailed a nice smallmouth. Need X Raps? Check out:

Rapala X-Rap


Here's the best combo for winter fishing. An Abu Garcia 5600C4, a 7' Airrus Rod and a 3/4 Ounce Hopkin's Shorty Spoon.

Hopkins Shorty Spoon

Here's my Rod of Choice for Jiggin' and Castin'. I've never been pleased with any rods, but these rods by Airrus are sweet. I use 7' Medium Actions.
For Airrus Rods Check out:

Here's the custom jiggin' rig that I use:


This isn't really an 'artificial' but this is one of the most ingenius products that has hit the fishing industry. These are Redi-Rig floats that have release clips to set your depth, as well as a snap swivel to keep it on your line. I have replaced all of my bobber-stop style floats with these. One piece of advice: After you stow your rods to move down the lake, go ahead and remove the Redi-Rigs from your line so that the wind won't whip the floats and the swivel may bruise your line.

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