Thank you for your interest in a Gift Certificate with The Shad Taxi!

Below, you will see buttons for purchasing a 1/2 Day or Full Day gift certificate.
These prices reflect 2 people per trip. Each addional person can be added later for $25 more. 6 people max.
To begin, just click on the "Buy Now" button and it will take you to a secure website where you can pay for the gift certificate and I will ship this to you.

You can pay with PayPal or any credit card.

After you submit your order, I will mail you the gift certificate through the mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Capt. Todd at 540-797-2528. Thank you!


1/2 Day Gift Certificates $325.00

Full Day Gift Certificates $525.00

Capt. Todd | | 540.797.2528
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