Striper fishing T-shirts

Here are some custom striper fishing t shirts that I've designed.
The following striper fishing shirts are high quality and are direct-press, NOT heat press, so the quality is impeccable.

I offer these striper designs in t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads and other cool stuff.

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Striper Designs

Possibly offensive to some, but definitely my best-selling striper T shirt.

I love stripers T Shirt

For Smith Mountain Lake striper fishermen.

On the front of the shirt:

and on the back:


Simple, but its clean and shows the power of a striper.

Bent Rod striper shirt

My Bait is Bigger than your BASS! 'Nuff Said.

My Bait is bigger than your bass

Beware of a striper guide if his boat is clean. Kinda like " Don't trust a skinny cook"

A dirty boat is a happy boat

Some people wear their college shirts, and some people fish for stripers

American Striper Fisherman

I fished out of slow, jon boat for years and I hated those boats that passed me going 80mph.

striper fisherman fast boats

This is how I feel each time I catch a striper

Some people buy bait and then some people catch their own.

Real Men Catch Their Own Bait

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